May 31, 2016
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Still Delicious

still delicious

Gluten free and paleo peeps, have I got news for you—Still Delicious Bakery on the Westbrook Clinton line, is churning out freshly baked treats sans wheat and all manner of allergy-inducing ingredients. I stopped in during opening week to check out the goodies. My experience was akin to a wine-tasting. Owner, Mark Israel handed me samples of his prized goods while explaining his meticulous sourcing of organic and unusual ingredients: a non-dairy white chocolate with a creamy mouthfeel, Beltane Farm’s goat yogurt, organic coconut nectar. It takes a perfectionist to get gluten-free right and this guy is. Take his bagel, for example. Two years in development, this sturdy vessel for a shmear of cream cheese has the correct chewy texture without the gritty aftertaste of so many gluten-free goods. The lava cake is a chocolate chip cookie/chocolate cake/chocolate mashup that, after a quick trip to the microwave, yields a lovely molten center. A coconut dessert bread (this one without gluten, corn, soy nut or lactose) is marvelously moist and begs for a topping of macerated strawberries. And what’s summer without a few hot dogs and lobster rolls? Mark’s got you covered there, too, with golden, tender New England style split tops. There’s plenty more (Cupcakes! Sandwich breads! Muffins! Cookies!) and he teased me with talk of crab cakes, peach crumbles and pizza to come. This place will be a mecca for anyone with food sensitivities and those of us who just prefer to live a wheat-free life.

Still Delicious was always delicious.

Closed Mondays. Current hours are 8 – 2 Tuesday thru Thursday, 8 – 5:30 Friday and Saturday and 8 – 2 Sunday (for bagels!).

still delicious coconut cake

still delicious

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