October 2, 2017
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An Oasis of Pommes: Order of Fries

Order of Fries

by Leslie Singer

We’re throwing French fries onto our list of the best global food in New Haven. Hey, we know they’re more American than Francais, but we just can’t ignore them. Because, like you and everybody else in the world, fries are our FAVORITE food. And Order of Fries on State Street in New Haven is Mecca. Take fat Idaho Russets, hand cut and season them with a custom sea-salt blend, and then triple-fry European style and you’ve got crispy, fluffy potato perfection. Then the fun begins: choose between twelve dipping sauces; like roasted-tomato-bacon, black-truffle-mayo, or Asian-garlic-ginger. Or go for the classic Poutine: a happy pile, doused with cheese curds and gravy. The Tuscan is my favorite, a tasty combo of baby arugula, truffle oil and Parmigiano; no ketchup needed (but here it’s organic). Enjoyed with cider vinegar slaw, you can forget the guilt! It’s all vegetables!  For carnivores, the BBQ pulled pork or chili cheese fries with onion and sharp cheddar won’t leave you hungry.

Except for a small counter that runs along the window and a few picnic tables outside, it’s grab-and-go. Most orders come large and small and, fittingly, I like the most expensive thing on the menu at $10.95. They open at 4:30 during the week which nixes a lunchtime drive-by (merde!), but noon on the weekends. Closed Mondays. Street parking shouldn’t be a problem. Viva la Frites!

957 State Street  

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