Amazing Space, A Professional Organizing Service

From Amazing Space, A Professional Organizing Service

Amazing Space is a new organizing service in Old Lyme, CT. The owner, Dixie Allen, develops strategies to help organize clients, from busy professionals who need to streamline their officespace to Seniors transitioning from their home to a retirement residence. Her gentle coaching ensures clients do not feel overwhelmed.

Amazing Space specializes in downsizing, staging homes for sale, hands-on assistance with a move in or move out, and paper organization at reasonable rates. What sets Amazing Space apart from other organizational businesses is Dixie’s access to a large network of businesses that work in the sale and disposal of treasured items. Remove your clutter and receive top dollar on unwanted possessions!

By appointment only. Call (860) 861-8500.

What satisfied customers have to say about Amazing Space:

Dixie kept me focused on the job at hand. Working closely with her has relieved a lot of stress. I feel smarter for haing called her and now I’m in control.” – Marie Meyer, Realtor

She helped me like a daughter and now I’m happily settled in my new and beautiful retirement residence.” – Delores Reinsh, Retired Teacher

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