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Bodhi Naturopathic helps patients find balance within their bodies. With individualized naturopathic health care, Dr. Sarah Z will integrate therapies from ancient to cutting-edge, employing the ultimate art of medicine.

Specialty care includes women’s health, pediatric care, adjunct oncology care, and treatment of endocrine and metabolic disturbances.

Dr. Sarah Z helps her patients alleviate their symptoms by treating underlying root causes of their issues.  With each patient, she conducts an approximately two hour initial interview and physical to find out where the body has gone off track.  Often times, her patient’s symptoms signal that something is off balance in their body.  Dr. Z strives to understand the unique needs and lifestyle of each patient, then provides medical treatment plans tailored to each individual.

Treatment options include targeted nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, herbal support, dietary counseling and healthy weight management, mind-body medicine, and preventative care. The average patient initially makes visits 3-4 times each so that Dr. Z can monitor each patient’s progress and determine if the treatment plan needs to be revised.  She understands that significant changes in patients’ lifestyles take time, and that the path to wellness is a journey that requires support and refining. She helps each patient make the best choices for them within reason.

There are both adult and child treatment rooms available. Please click here to visit Bodhi Naturopathic’s website.

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