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Debi Testa provides education and self care tools to support daily living, both the gifts and challenges it presents. She works with several energy-based modalities, including Yoga, Bach Flower Essences (Remedies), Polarity Therapy and Reiki.

Yoga – Hatha Yoga is the practice of uniting breath and postures (asanas) that develop flexibility and strength. Yoga is the union of all aspects of our being: physical, mental, and emotional.
Polarity Therapy – Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive natural health system that includes energy-based bodywork, exercises, nutritional and lifestyle counseling aimed at restoring the proper energy flows throughout the body.
Bach Flower Essences (Remedies)  –  A complete system of 38 flower essences which work on every variety of emotional imbalance.
Reiki – A hands-on energy system in which the practitioner serves as a channel for transmitting energy to others.
Benefits of these methods include :
   * Less Stress/More Calm
   * Increases Energy & Vitality
   * Develops Strength, Flexibility, & Endurance
   * Builds Focus, Improves Concentration & Awareness
   * Pain relief/ Boosts Immune System
   * Improves Circulation/ Heart Benefits
   * Balances Emotions/More Positive Attitude
   * Relaxation Benefits/Better Sleep
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