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Here at La Rosticceria, we believe it is possible to eat well in spite of the hectic pace of our daily lives. Our goal is to provide an alternative to the fast food chains and highly processed foods by offering a healthier and more delicious option for meals to go.

In Italy, a rosticceria (pronounced roast-eech-a-ria) is a small store that sells roasted meats, pasta and other accompaniments for dinner. Here you will find all that and more. It’s the perfect solution to the dinner dilemma for busy families with no time to cook.

Quality is the most important ingredients in everything we make! We cook everything in house, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Our Ready-to-Go Meals are made fresh daily, never frozen. Chef Antonio prepares and slow cooks all the meals, using the same high quality ingredients we use in all our foods, with just the right amount of seasoning, and portioned for one meal. It’s the perfect solution when you’re too busy to cook. Stock up for the week. All our meals may be frozen. Selections change daily and we are always adding new selections so feel free to call and we’ll tell you what’s in the case today.

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