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CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations teams, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.
If you do not consider yourself to be one of the aforementioned, that’s okay. CrossFit is not only for elite athletes.  It is for anyone interested in attaining a better overall fitness level and lifestyle.

CrossFit is as broad, general, and inclusive as possible; it is not specialized training for any one particular sport or athlete.  By not specializing, CrossFit athletes (yes, you are an athlete) can expect to train and become more physically prepared for the widest domain of physical tasks that life may throw at them- known and unknown.

In order to do so, CrossFit trains ten general physical skills; all of which must be considered for an athlete to be as physically prepared as possible.  These ten skills are as follows:

I. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
II. Stamina
III. Strength
IV. Flexibility
V. Power
VI. Speed
VII. Coordination
VIII. Agility
IX. Balance
X. Accuracy

An athlete is only as fit as he or she is competent in each of these skills.  The greater an athlete’s competency in each, the more well-rounded and physically prepared he/she will be. To train and improve these ten physical skills, CrossFit implements the use of metabolic conditioning (think running, rowing, biking, etc.), gymnastics (mastery of controlling one’s body), and Olympic weightlifting.

CrossFit uses the aforementioned movements because they are functional (mimic everyday movements), can be performed at high intensity, and can be constantly varied.  This is an ideal physical prescription for anyone. By design, CrossFit is scalable for anyone and everyone, from elite athletes to weekend warriors to soccer moms and dads.  The prescribed program will not change, but it can be scaled appropriately for the benefit of each individual athlete who walks in the door.

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