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Stacks of papers? Exploding closet? Disaster in the basement or garage? Eva Counter will help you organize your life without judgment. Eva Counter knows what it is like to be a stay-at-home mother. She has learned how to keep and maintain an organized home and is determined to help others in need of the same. If you need help in becoming Organized 4 Life, Eva is the answer.

She makes sure her clients are comfortable opening their house to her and truly works wonders! Once you contact her, there will be an initial phone interview to establish what areas need to be organized within the house. Eva’s work style is that of paring things down and getting it under control! She will help you organize basements, home offices, bills, mail, pantries, closets, attics, and more. To clear up the clutter in your life call 860-575-0486 or email Eva at By appointment only. Rate: $180 for a three hour session.

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