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From Shred Spinning and Training

No matter your sport, no matter your age, Shred Spinning and Training has a proven system that will assist you to help YOU reach and dominate your fitness goals.

Our lives are ever changing and our fitness should be the same; unconventional. At Shred we will teach you that Redefining Fitness DIFFERENTLY is a way of life, a choice and a habit!

Shred Spinning and Training is not your average gym; we’re focused on training and teaching to energize, inspire, and get results at all levels. Life is ever changing; you’re fitness program should be the same; unconventional. No treadmills or mirrors, just results. I’ve trained Olympic athletes, kids, moms, friends recovering from injuries and everyone else you can imagine. Our workouts are functional and designed for each individual. From Spinninig to TRX to Olympic lifting and cross training we have a program for you.

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