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I grew up in a house filled with massive abstract canvases, towers made from flotsam and jetsam that washed up on our local beach and the scent of oil paint and turpentine. Sadly, I didn’t inherit my dad’s artistic talent. I do, however, like to look at art. While I live in an area that is rife with representational work, we’re sorely lacking in contemporary galleries (except the fabulous Diane Birdsall, of course). Claudia Cron, an accomplished artist in her own right, is attempting to fix that. Her loft-like space in the Witch Hazel Building is all high ceilings, white and brick walls and you’ll think you’re in Chelsea, not Essex. The lovely thing is that Claudia has given the under-represented contemporary artists on the Shoreline a blank canvas; an opportunity to fill the space as they like. So refreshing.  To read more, click here.

The Orison Project, an art gallery housed in the historic Witch Hazel works in Essex, CT, connects art lovers with emerging and established local artists.

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