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The Upstairs Kitchen offers cooking classes focused on clean and healthy food taught by the best local chefs.

Classes vary from working with basic grains, seasonal greens, root vegetables, and healthy fats, to more specialized areas like cleansing, eating raw, making pastas and cheese, baking bread and more. Of primary importance is to encourage and support a new way to think about the foods that we eat. We live in a fast paced society that has let go of some very important traditions. Historically, food took hours to prepare and was enjoyed by the entire family. Time was taken to enjoy each meal and share the pleasure of healthy eating.

Our goal at The Upstairs Kitchen is to work with local experienced chefs who are passionate about food and its preparation. Small classes, a state-of-the-art kitchen and an intimate atmosphere will help those of all skill levels learn how to get back to the basics of cooking while enjoying the process.

The Local Beet Food Co-op (downstairs from The Upstairs Kitchen) is a source of ingredients for classes, along with the Sunday Chester Market, held during the summer.

The Upstairs Kitchen is located in the small New England Village of Chester which may be small in size, but is big on food!

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