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LobsterMike was born in 1995, when I discovered after 35 years of adverteasing, my true mission in life was to shuck clams and oysters, steam lobsters, and serve them to fun-loving, quality-conscious people on the Shoreline. That was 15,000 lobster dinners ago, with nothing but rave reviews.

We have served as many as 250 entrees at one event, 20-40 is average! We have served on islands, on mega-yachts, at marinas, in parking lots, and just about anywhere you can imagine.

Our core menu is steamed clams, N.E. Clam Chowder or Lobster Bisque, 1.25-lb. native lobster, sweet corn and salad. However, we also offer grilled steak and chicken entrees.

New for this year is our “Lobsters to Go-Go!” division, which provides a la carte menu items and fully-cooked and appointed meals in smaller quantities (4-20) which have become popular with guests at area B&Bs, boaters in local waters, and smaller family groups.

We deliver our meals in thermal carriers, which maintain the contents at serving temperature for up to 2 hours. Of course, we deliver, and welcome credit cards. Our website tells the whole story, complete with pictures of happy people eating shellfish. We hope you’ll visit it, and give LobsterMike a call! Call soon, Saturdays are booked first!

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