Tutti Amici, Gourmet Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

From Tutti Amici, Gourmet Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Tutti Amici is Italian for “all friends” — and what an appropriate name given the wonderful relationship Tutti Amici has with friends in Italy who produce this delicious gourmet olive oil in a small Tuscan hill town to be shipped to the US for our enjoyment. Using the traditional cold press method to remove the skins from the olives, these olives keep their wonderful taste and nutrients intact. It has been documented that this type of olive oil may reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, cholesterol, and dementia!  It’s no wonder that Tutti Amici considers this olive oil a gift of health and happiness.

 To properly serve this beautiful oil, Tutti Amici offers fabulous white ceramic dipping dishes that are hand made in Italy.  Designed with the terraced hills of Tuscany in mind, these dishes accept the olive oil a bit deeper in the center making the color of the oil go from darker to lighter as it rises up the grooves.
To ensure that your skin is aglow as you enjoy the health benefits of olive oil, try Tutti Amici’s 100% natural olive oil soaps which are great for your skin all year round.  They are made with organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Tutti Amici also imports two flavors of honey from Italy, acacia and wildflower, and they sell out fast. Please click here to visit their website.
What the E-list says:
Picture yourself on a Tuscan hillside, enjoying an epic Italian feast and dreaming of a way to bring a bit of Italy back home. Well, local mom Lisa Tiezzi, did. She imports Tutti Amici Olive Oil from friends in Pozzo della Chiana and, by word of mouth, has managed to gather plenty of enthusiasm for her excellent product. As she says, “eat it, drink it, rub it on your skin, wash your hair and body with it, put it on a bee sting to stop the pain and inflammation…the uses are endless!”


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