New Haven

Chairigami Chaise Lounge
Zachary Rotholz' idea of furniture is well-designed, lightweight, recyclable, and constructed from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.
Mario Batali's pizza joint has opened in New Haven, but you'll find plenty of other well-conceived dishes on the menu, here. Oh, and don't miss the soft serve Sundae.
It's straight up tomato and mooz for me here, but regulars devour the Italian Bomb.
This Mario Batali outpost turns out an elegant pie.
We’ve been to Pepe’s, Sally’s and Modern, of course, but we hadn’t been to Zuppardi’s.
Sixpence Pie Company has taken it upon themselves to make Connecticut the pie epicenter.
If you’ve never been to Miya’s, it’s an experience that defies categorization, but we’re so glad Bun Lai is here in New Haven.
olea new haven
We stepped into Olea in New Haven, a freshly renovated space that manages to be both modern and cozy (not the easiest thing to pull off).
maison mathis new haven
This Belgian hangout is a good stop for a pick-me-up after shopping Broadway.
idiom new haven
Idiom has been a mainstay on the New Haven fashion scene for a decade now, but it gets better and better.
roia new haven
Roia is the spot for a fresh take on Mediterranean cuisine...
The Study New Haven
It's no secret where my favorite place to bunk overnight in New Haven is...
wave new haven
Looking for American crafted glass and ceramics, designer and artisan jewelry, and lots and lots of chocolate? You'll find it here...
ordinary new haven
The brothers behind Caseus rescued this landmark (once the saloon at The Taft) ...
Hello Boutique New Haven
An unusual, well-edited boutique featuring European collections and attentive service.
derek simpson
Derek Simpson Goldsmith’s elegant jewelry shop belies the prices to be found there.
We spent a fantastic 36 hours in New Haven, eating, shopping and looking at art.
A burger and fries at the Shake Shack on Chapel Street in New Haven is a definite must!
I love to shop the boutiques of New Haven this time of year (Tracy B., Wave Gallery, Idiom, Hello Boutique and Peter Indorf are a few favorites)
I’m a Pilates purist at heart and so while other gyms were fancier or offered machines and variations, Hilary’s class at New Haven Ballet in Guilford ranked among my favorites.
I'm a huge fan of Heirloom, especially after our wildly fun e-list Girls Night Out last year. And now it's even better.

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